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Build floating content for your site with our advanced editor.


Simplified widgets to maximize conversions on your site

Seamlessly connect with customers using our WhatsApp widget

Find everything quickly with this search widget widget on your site

Seamless Facebook Messenger chat-widget integration for your website

Effortlessly enhance your website with dynamic integration


Engage with your visitors using our built-in contact form



Perfect actions for perfect styled floating content

Smoothly scroll to the top of the page with a single click

Share your work with your visitor via the Behance Gallery

Connect instantly with your visitor using your phone

Maximize conversions and convert visitors into emailing you

Open SMS-app on mobile phones with a pre-filled message

Engage with your visitors using our built-in contact form


Copy and conquer, share pages instantly with friends or colleagues

For the Extreme Buzzers, make anything possible using our API


Invite visitors to your discord or link to a channel

Integrate Elementor Popups effortlessly with the power of a button

Get social with a click and attract more followers

Direct visitors to your business on Google Maps with a single click

Boost your Insta-succes and lead them to your profile or business

Line up for success and connect with Japanese and Asian customers

For professional opportunities and fostering meaningful interactions

Seamless Facebook Messenger chat-widget integration for your website

Integration with the ultimate tool for interactive pop-ups

Seamless integration with WordPress Popup Maker

Sometimezz the previous page is better than the current one

Print your page to keep it forever, even when you are offline

Smooth scroll your visitor to an element on the page

Find everything quickly with this search widget widget on your site

Link your floating button to one of your WordPress pages

Invite your privacy minded friends or customers and chat

Start a Skype conversation or call directly from your website

Collaborate in one central digital space and share your workspace

Snap and share, one button to reveal your Snapchat world

Easiest way to share the page with friends or contacts

Easily connect and chat to customers, friends or colleagues

Tap into the TikTok frenzy and boost your engagement with one click

Connect with your visitors and boost your customer support

Engage with visitors with VKontakte simply using one click

Guiding customers to your doorstep using the smoothest route

The easiest action available, send your visitor to an URL

Engage with customers using WeChat with a single click

Instantly open WhatsApp and engage with a single click

Boost your Twitter presence and watch your follower count soar


Interact, chat and answer questions from potential customers


Engage your audience and link to your YouTube channel or video


Our tools and your imagination. Style floating content to perfectly match your brand.

Great for when you only need one call to action button

Fade, pop, corner circle or stick-it, style it how you need it

Make use of icons available in the FontAwesome library

Select custom images to customize your buttons background

Choose a custom color for your button

Over five animations available to grab your visitors attention


Target specific devices, pages, countries, weekdays, weekends or dates

Show or hide content based on a specific time


Show or hide content based on specific pages


Target on specific devices, such as desktop and mobile devices


Grab your visitiors attention and trigger when the timing is perfect

Trigger after a specific amount of time

Show or hide content based on the visitors scroll depth.

Detects if a user wants to exit your website



Analyze your conversions, everything what you need built-in

Built-in integration for Google Analytics

Receive monthly reports into your mailbox

Built-in analytics capturing clickdata

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