Add an unlimited number of (On-Click) Actions

One important factor of a Floating Action Button is the on-click action. Choose which on-click action you want that your visitor will take. From click-to-call, opening a pop-up, opening Facebook messenger to just navigating to another page. It is all possible with Buttonizer.

By adding multiple buttons on one page you can even create interactive Floating Menu’s.

  • Click-to-Call
  • Chat with Whats App
  • Social Sharing
  • Facebook Messenger
  • Open URL
  • Many more to come…
  • Open Pop-up Maker
  • Open Javascript function
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Style without Coding

Easily customize your Floating Action Button by choosing the color of your button, icon and the color after clicking on the button.

Find your favorite icon by searching through font awesome icon or upload your own icon or image. You can even add a moving icon in your Floating Action Button.

Oh I almost forgot. It is also possible to choose how your Floating Menu (which is created when you want more than one Floating Action Button) opens. On top of each other or as a circle around the menu button.

  • Font-awesome icons
  • Custom Class and ID
  • Border radius & Font size
  • Custom positioning
  • Label Styling
  • Button color, on-click color & icon color
  • Smart Label visibility options
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From Floating Buttons to Floating Menus

By adding multiple buttons on one page you can even create interactive Floating Menu’s. Buttonizer has 6 different menu styles and animations.

  • Unlimited Floating Button Combinations
  • Pulse animation
  • 6 different menu styles
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Show your Buttons on the right places

Decide for each button if you want to show it on your desktop, mobile or both. Add page rules to show your floating menus and buttons on the pages that matter. It’s even possible to show or hide your buttons based on user roles.

Take it to the next step with Time Schedules. With time schedules you can show or hide floating buttons based on specific dates or time of the day. Perfect for promotional content.

Stay sane but go Crazzy with the Buttonizer Filterzz

  • Show on Desktop and/or Mobile
  • Show when Shopping Cart is filled (coming soon)
  • Show or hide on specific date and time schedules
  • Show or hide on user roles
  • Create Page Rules
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Create Triggers and Motions

Choose when and how your buttons are triggered based on your webvisitors behaviour. You can decide if you want your Buttonizer to show to your webvisitor after a specific amount of time or after he or she has enough interaction on a page (based on scroll depth). For example, the scroll depth option can come in handy when you have a blog and you want to display social sharing options after your visitor has red a good part of your article. This way you ask the attention of your readers at just the right time.

One more thing. You can also choose between various animations like the button which zooms in-and-out each 10 seconds.

  • Show on time-out
  • 5 button animations
  • Show/Hide on scroll depth
  • Trigger on inactivity
  • Trigger on Exit-intent
Bleep. I just got Triggered

Get the right Insights

Each button gets tracked on your website as long as your Google Analytics code is installed on your website. When you don’t have it installed, or you have Google Tag Manager installed instead but still want to track your clicks on your floating action buttons? Than you can add you Google Analytics code manually in the setting tab of Buttonizer.

The best thing of all, the name you give to your button, is also seen in your Google analytics event page so you always know which buttons outperform the other.

  • Auto Google Analytics Tracking
  • E-mail notifications about Buttonizer usage (coming soon)
  • Add GA code manually
  • Custom Event names in Google Analytics
Push That Button (and Buttonize)

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