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Custom JavaScript

For the Extreme Buzzers, enhance your floating content with our extensive JavaScript API available! Do you want your webvisitor to perform an extensive action? Use this function daredevil!


Extend features

What you need in your fingertips

While we have many integrations and features available, we’re sure you want something we don’t offer yet. Our Custom JavaScript action comes to the rescue!

Write some custom JavaScript, and we’ll trigger it on a button press. Now you can pop confetti easily!

Integrate anything

From a custom Chat Widget to automated functions

Using our Custom JavaScript action, you can trigger what you need. Trigger a Chat Widget, greet your visitor or simply toggle the color of your sites theme. With this action it’s all possible.

1. Open editor

You’ll be greeted by Buzzy and can start building floating content.

2. Select
Custom JavaScript

Great! Now you can search the list for this feature. Make sure to tweak it :)

3. Publish

That’s it! Visit your site and review the changes you’ve made.

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