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Exit intent

This is a smart function that detects if a user wants to exit your website. Choose between multiple animations so you can trigger an action and make sure your content grabs their attention.



Boost your conversions

When scrolling to a site, it’s easy to miss something important. Perhaps your button hasn’t been clicked by your visitor yet and they think about leaving. It’s time to grab their attention with a cool animation. Now they’ll convert!


Animate when the website visitor is inactive

We found out that adding a subtle animation to your Buttonizer, will increase the likeliness to click on it! Boosting conversions was never this easy.

1. Open editor

You’ll be greeted by Buzzy and can start building floating content.

2. Select
Exit intent

Great! Now you can search the list for this feature. Make sure to tweak it :)

3. Publish

That’s it! Visit your site and review the changes you’ve made.

Got exited? Give Buttonizer a go today!

And turbocharge your lead generation with Buttonizer.

Try Exit intent on any platform

Wow that worked!

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