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Show on scroll

Show or hide your buttons based on the scroll depth. For instance you can show one button until a scroll depth of 20% and the other starting from 20%.

From to to bottom

Only show after interacting

Make sure your visitor has enough interaction on a page based on their scroll depth to display content. For example, the scroll depth option can come in handy when you have a blog and you want to display social sharing options after your visitor has read a good part of your article.

Scrolling up or down

Never gonna let you down

Have you found the perfect spot? It’s too easy to hide the ‘Call me now’ or ‘Reserve table now’ buttons until customers almost reached your footer, making sure they’ve seen everything you want them to see.

1. Open editor

You’ll be greeted by Buzzy and can start building floating content.

2. Select
Show on scroll

Great! Now you can search the list for this feature. Make sure to tweak it :)

3. Publish

That’s it! Visit your site and review the changes you’ve made.

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