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Add chat to your website

Are you looking for ways to boost user engagement on your website? Look no further! With a range of chat actions available, you can create seamless and interactive experiences for your visitors. Let’s explore a few of the chat actions offered by Buttonizer.

Business talk with Messenger Chat

By adding a Facebook Messenger chat to your website, you can provide instant support to your visitors. Whether it’s answering questions, offering assistance, or capturing leads, Messenger Chat makes communication quick and convenient.

Shall we WhatsApp?

Connect with your audience through their preferred messaging platform by adding a WhatsApp chat to your website. With just a click, visitors can reach out to you directly, making it easy to initiate conversations and offer personalized assistance.

Let’s call through Skype!

Use Buttonizer to start a Skype conversation or call directly from your website. By integrating Skype, you provide a convenient way for visitors to connect with you. It’s perfect for businesses that offer remote services or consultations.

Are you on Telegram?

Link visitors to your Telegram account using Buttonizer. Whether you’re sharing updates, offering customer support, or providing exclusive content, Telegram is a powerful messaging platform to engage with your audience.

Socialize on Discord

If you have a community or want to create one, Buttonizer allows you to link visitors to a Discord channel effortlessly. Engage with your audience, facilitate discussions, and foster a sense of community around your brand or niche.

All about chat

These are just a few of the chat actions available in Buttonizer. Each action is designed to enhance user interaction and make it easier for visitors to connect with you. Try Signal, SMS, Twitter DM’s, LINE, Viber and WeChat as well! Take advantage of these features and watch your website’s engagement grow!

Are you curious if we have your favourite chat platform available? Check out our features page here.

Try Buttonizer on WordPress, Shopify, Wix on your own website!

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