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Super contributor

Thank you for using our software. We would like give you the power to make a difference and help us improve the Buttonizer.

On this page we explain what we mean by becoming a super contributor.

We are a small but dedicated team and we are continually improving the features and adding new features (also on your request, click this link to add a feature request) to make Buttonizer the best conversion booster for your WordPress website. Below you find the different information type which we collect after you become a super contributor.

If you have any questions regarding the information we collect after you become a super contributor please feel free ask us via the contactpage.

Server software & version
MySQL version
PHP settings & version
WordPress version
WordPress debug mode
WordPress memory limit
WordPress max upload size
WordPress settings (permalink structure, multisite, language, theme, plugins)
Site URL
Admin Email

Buttonizer error logs and crash reports
If you no longer want to be a super contributor just easily uncheck the setting in buttonizer > settings > preferences >become a super contributor.

For more information see our Privacy Policy

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