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Floating Action Buttons to Increase Conversions and Hone UX

Floating Action Buttons To Increase Conversions And Hone UX

Interaction has become a fundamental part of the whole user experience concept. The more chances you get to communicate with your customers, the higher your chances to motivate them to take action are.

Now, how can you make sure to be present at the right place and time, discreetly whispering sweet nothings such as “add to cart now!” and “chat with us”? That’s when implementing a floating action button comes in handy to motivate, guide and convert.

What is a floating action button?

You see them every day, you probably pressed one to access to this post. They are part of the configuration of the digital life, making it prettier, simpler and more functional. Floating action buttons (FAB) are shortcuts. They are categorized asconversion plugins because they can motivate social interaction in an organic way. Buttonizer is a good example of such a tool.

What are the perks of counting with this plugin?

  • Easy to insert: From a versatile variety of designs, you can just choose a default button and easily implement it to your website since it doesn’t require coding abilities.
  • More than 25 actions with a customized design to choose from: Buttonizer maps the most relevant actions you need to include in your site so you don’t have to wonder what buttons to create.
  • Keep score usingGoogle Analytics: Get accurate reports of the activity of each button to upgrade your marketing strategy.
  • High adaptability: It is flexible and compatible with all sorts of platforms.

Curious to know everything you can accomplish using this floating action button plugin in WordPress? Get the conversion tool you need now!

Why does a floating action button increase conversions?

Your website needs them to improve user experience. And, as we know, a great user experience results in conversions. And conversions increase numbers. Here is an explanation of this train of thought to understand the importance of floating buttons:

Promotes action when it is relevant

  • Users have a short attention span and it keeps decreasing by around 88% every year, according to the results of this marketing research. You only have 8 seconds to encourage a user to take any action before they forget, decide it’s too troublesome or gets bored. Sounds apocalyptic, right? Thankfully, floating buttons can be placed conveniently to motivate the userto do something, what we want them to do, in less than 8 seconds.

Helps keep pace with digital life

  • How many devices are you simultaneously looking at while reading this article? You are probably organizing a business meeting on one, writing an email on the other one, and finishing a design on that one. Multitasking demands shortcuts to speed up results.

Closes a conversion before a competitor does

  • While you are reading this post, you probably have 5 other tabs open about the very same topic. It’s cool, we don’t take it personally. Just remember your target market does the same thing. You don’t want them to leave your e-commerce site, your digital agency website or whatever business you are running online because a competitor will be there, ready to rebound. Floating action buttons facilitate the steps for conversion, reducing it to the least number of clicks possible.

Polishes website and app design

  • Composition and functionality are two huge elements to bear in mind duringthe design process. You don’t have too much space to work with, so your content has to be strategically crafted and placed. You can summarize a whole call to action with a small, eye-catchy and interactive icon, which will enable you to keep a clean composition. Buttons are easy to position, you can place them where they are needed the most. Furthermore, they can bestow dynamism to a page with animations or morphing after a click.

Do’s and don’ts when implementing a floating action button

Even though it’s not rocket science, inserting floating action buttons into a WordPress site without negatively affecting the user experience does requireguidelines. Let us explain to you how to implement a button to maximize intuitive design.

Do: Map frequent actions

  • Where a button will be placed depends on the actions the users could execute or not given the platform they are using and the context. If you have a blog, would it make sense to implement a “share” button? What about a “follow me on Facebook” button? Map action sequences to simplify the process of their execution.

Don’t: Create unnecessary buttons

  • You need to give users space to move around and explore your site. If you create shortcuts for every action they may perform, the purpose of a floating action button becomes redundant.

Do: Keep it clear and simple

  • The anatomy of a floating action button consists of an icon an a container. An extended FAB involves one more element, short text. Keep your buttons minimalistic, explicit, and respect the cultural symbols we all use. Place them taking into consideration if they could get in the way of a user’s attempt to interact in a certain way with your website.

Don’t: Create unnecessary buttons

  • You need to give users space to move around and explore your site. If you create shortcuts for every action they may perform, the purpose of a floating action button becomes redundant.

Don’t: Be overly creative

  • Users shouldn’t need to guess what a button does or they will get frustrated and leave. The position should also be a standard one or your call to action could interfere with the website’s navigation.

Do: Use a button to display a menu of related actions

  • You can group up to six actions in a floating action button to save space and preserve order. All of them should belong to the same family.

Don’t: Display more than 6 actions in a button, especially if they are unrelated

  • Too many alternatives are overwhelming and, if the actions aren’t coherent with each other, you will be minimizing the user-friendliness of your site.

Different ways to add a floating action button

Now, let’s describe 2 popular ways to implement these type of buttons on Android or WordPress:


The first way to do it is the most complicated one. Coding requires a knack for informatics, money to hire a programmer, or at least some good researching skills to find the right tutorials. An accurate combination of codes will allow you to set a button with text, that expands, or that shows ananimation. The wrong mix of codes will make your head explode.

The Buttonizer way – No coding

Created for the everyday entrepreneur, designer, marketer, or just a person with no coding knowledge at all, Buttonizer is an intuitive tool that relies on the creativity of the user. Through an easy-view panel, you will be able to configure every single feature of a floating action button for WordPress or other platforms. Buttonizer integrates aspects you are already familiar with (like Photoshop’s color palette) to make the development experience a more pleasant and productive one. Once you have styled your smart button, you won’t need to waste time figuring out how to implement it. In just one click, you can add it to your site and start witnessing the impact of a FAB.

How to measure the conversion rate of a floating action button?

Understanding the performance of a floating action button requires reports, and while most plugins don’t cooperate with specific reporting tools, Buttonizer does. Google Analytics can make comprehensive reports to track the performance of every smart button you embed into your website.

The magic of registering, in real-time, every action users execute by clickingsmart buttons lays on the fact that tracking behavior is useful to predict future choices, determine trends and guide users through the desired funnelstages. You can measure how effective your copy has been on a specific section to move a prospect to do something. The number of clicks on a button can conclude whether you should upgrade your content strategy or keep doing what you are doing because it’s working.

Now, when people read the word “reports”, they invariably think in a never-ending sheet full of data and hard numbers. Buttonizer prioritizes simplicity, and reports work along this line too so you can effectively track conversions and make fully-aware marketing decisions.

Ready to lift your site’s functionality, sharpen its design, and improve user engagement? Then don’t waste the opportunity to increase your conversions rates leveraging all the advantages that floating action buttons can deliver.

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