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Buttonizer expands to other platforms

Buttonizer Standalone

Howdy Buttonizer! It’s time for an awesome announcement!

As you might have noticed, the Buttonizer team has worked on a new Buttonizer dashboard which was released in August 2021. The new dashboard makes it possible to review all your sites, subscriptions and account settings.

Time for the update

But that’s not all! In the greatest secrecy we were finalizing our new dashboard. We’ve worked on making Buttonizer available for other platforms

This means that you’ll be able to use our application on any site, whether it’s for example WordPress, Wix, Shopify, handcoded or made by your nephew.

Last month we launched a BETA-program to test the new way of integrating Buttonizer to your sites. While many users took their time to help us testing, we fixed the bugs, worked on the given feedback and improved the new application.

It’s now time to start expanding!

Try Buttonizer on WordPress, Shopify or Wix

With our new available integration code, you can start using Buttonizer on any kind of site or platform. Start creating a site here, then follow the steps, copy your integration code and paste it into the source code of your website.

The integration code is a small JavaScript snippet which is being used to add Buttonizer on your website.

More features & less restrictions!

Besides changing the Buttonizer dashboard, we have also made many improvements.

  • Most styling options have been made free
  • Use Buttonizer on any site, whether it’s WordPressShopifyDrupal or Wix.
  • Buttonizer is faster, using our own CDN (Content Delivery Network) and API
  • We’ll keep track of button-conversions for you
  • Manage all your Buttonizer instances from one single account
  • Never worry about updates, using our new version will make Buttonizer update automatically.
  • Easily integrate Buttonizer by simply adding a HTML snippet into your sites footer

Are you as hyped as we are?

Try the updated Buttonizer now by clicking the big orange button below! Do you have questions? Read our F.A.Q. below or ask on our community!


We have answered some of your questions below. Still have a question? Ask your question on our Buttonizer Community!

Nothing will change for you and your buttons will show up as usually. When you sign into our dashboard, your WordPress sites will be shown with a WordPress icon. If you want to add Buttonizer to another WordPress site, you can decide if you want to use our new standalone version (with many new features and less restrictions), or go for our WordPress plugin again.

Our WordPress plugin will soon receive an update to support our new standalone version and it will make the integration even easier with just a few clicks. You’ll also be able to migrate Buttonizer from WordPress to our new standalone.

With the introduction of our Buttonizer standalone version, we have updated our plans and pricing. The most noticable difference is that our WordPress-only plan is not available anymore. Our WordPress-only plans will remain available until January 2022. You can still upgrade from your WordPress environment on Buttonizer’s ‘Upgrade’ or ‘Pricing’ page. Every upgrade and subscription is grandfathered.

Not sure what to do? We will shift our focus on developing the standalone version of Buttonizer. This means that the WordPress plugin will receive an update soon to support our standalone (as explained in the section above).

If you want to stay one step ahead, go for our Standalone version and don’t worry about this upcoming change. Otherwise, upgrade via our WordPress plugin.

Yes! Buttonizer will keep supporting WordPress without any limitations or extra restrictions!

We’ll update our WordPress plugin Buttonizer soon so you connect it to our standalone service with just a few clicks. It will also be possible to convert your current Buttonizer plugin into a standalone version with the extra features.

Do you want to switch over faster, or use the new version for WordPress instances? Just create a new site via the dashboard and add the code snippet to your site 🙂

Need help? Ask your question on our Buttonizer Community!

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