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Buttonizer vs Chaty: A Floating Action Button Comparison

Floating action buttons increase conversions on WordPress websites. It’s difficult to get a good conversion rate on your website. Maybe you do have a lot of web visitors, but they don’t engage with you? That is where a floating action button comes in handy, this is a great marketing strategy. The sticky floating action button draws attention to your customers, persuades them to click on it. The possibilities with these buttons are endless. They can be animated, fully customized, timed, pop-up on the website, etc. It’s not just a button in the corner of your website, i’s some kind of an assistant. It helps you gather multiple contact functions for your clients, such as WhatsApp, phone, messenger, this makes you approachable. But you can use a floating action button also for many other functions like social sharing, scrolling up and down, go back one page, copy URL, and more.

Chaty is a similar floating action button plugin as Buttonizer. The main difference is that Chaty only offers a chat function. Buttonizer on the other hand has over 30 button actions and many other useful features. In this article, we’ll be comparing the free version of Chaty with that of Buttonizer. We’ll summarize all the pros and cons of both WordPress plugins and share which one is the best option for you in the conclusion. Prefer a quick comparison? Check out the table below.

Chaty – FREE
Buttonizer – FREE
Social media channels
Number of buttons
Unlimited (POWER!)
Color options
Icon options
Customize icon size
Button placement
Left and right bottom
Anywhere on the page
Menu style colors
Menu style icons
Menu style shape
Only round
7 different shapes
Button animations
Button interaction colors
Show or hide label
Show label on hover
Label fonts
Label font size
Label background clear
Google Analytics support
Go to bottom
Back to top
Go back one page
Social sharing
Popup functionality
Copy URL to clipboard
Print page

Experience with Chaty WordPress plugin

Chaty is a WordPress plugin with a chat function from the brand Premio. This brand has multiple plugins. The name of the plugin already tells you what this plugin does. You can’t use this button for anything else than chatting. On the bright side, Chaty is very user friendly and easy to use. There is a preview, this way you can see what the button design looks like while you change it. The preview is very small.


Customizing Chaty buttons

The downside of the free version of Chaty is that there are only two buttons available. The only way to add more buttons is by purchasing the Pro plan. If you’re planning on adding only two chat platforms, for example, Facebook and WhatsApp, then you have nothing to worry about. But why limit the options for your visitors or (potential) customers? Many prefer an email or a phone call in order to start a conversation with a company.


Sadly, there aren’t many customization options. The color of the main button can be changed, but there are only 7 colors to choose from. The colors and icons of the chat buttons can’t be changed. These buttons automatically get the color and icon of their official brand. For example, the WhatsApp chat button will always be green, and the Facebook chat will always be blue. This unfortunately means that the buttons won’t match your brand style. If for example, the National Breast Cancer website prefers a pink WhatsApp button, why not give them the option?


Another downside is that you can’t hide or customize the button label aside from the font. Luckily, the number of fonts you could choose from were endless. Surely, you’ll find one that is the best fit for your website. There also isn’t an option to change the shape of your button. A round button doesn’t fit all brand styles. Websites with a more geometric design prefer a squire button instead of a round one. In other words, button diversity matters. 


Curious about how to get started with Chaty? Their YouTube tutorials are of great quality and will guide you through the process.

Advanced button options

Unfortunately, you can’t choose when and where you want the buttons to show with the free version of Chaty. Chat buttons are mostly used on the home or contact pages. Seeing the same buttons on every page makes the plugin less dynamic.


On the other hand, there are 5 different animation options. Button animations are a great way to draw attention to your button. If your button blends well in your web design, visitors will probably ignore it. We highly recommend adding an animation to your button in order to increase visibility, interaction, and conversion.

The pros of Chaty

  • 19 different social media options
  • Change the position of the button (2 options)
  • 5 button animations
  • 4 different widget icons
  • Many fonts to choose from
  • Trigger features (time delay, exit intent and page scroll)
  • Great YouTube tutorials

The cons of Chaty

  • Only 7 color options for the main button
  • Social media button colors can’t be changed
  • Social media icons can’t be changed
  • Can’t choose when the buttons are shown (days, time)
  • Can’t choose where the buttons are shown (pages, posts)
  • Can’t change the design of the button

How does Chaty compare to Buttonizer?

Buttonizer is a floating sticky action button for your WordPress website. Buttonizer has many other features besides a chat functionality. Buttonizer can be used for pop-ups, social sharing, scrolling up and down, go back one page, copy URL, and more. Buttonizer also supports other WordPress plugins. It is constantly growing and adding new useful features.


Customizing Buttonizer buttons

The free version of Buttonizer allows you to create an unlimited number of buttons and show up to 7 buttons at the same time. This easily allows you to add as many chat options as you want and/or other ways for visitors to interact with your WordPress website.


The buttons you create are highly customizable to fit your brand. You can choose from over 1500 different icons 16.000.000 color options. There is also a gradient option to look forward to. You can also adjust the color and label of your buttons when hovering over them. This makes it even more obvious that the buttons on your page are clickable elements.


Buttonizer also allows you to customize the label of each button. You can choose to show or hide the label or to only show it on hover. Adjust the color and font size the way you want to. There are 7 different menu styles to choose from. Do you want your button to be round, square, or rectangle? Every website has a different design, so being able to change the look of your button is a major benefit.


Besides that, you can make your button stand out by adding an animation. The free version provides two animation options. Like we said before, animations are a great way to draw attention to your floating action button. This way people will spot your button much sooner, if not immediately! This will lead to an overall increase of button interaction.


Last but not least, Buttonizer offers full Google Analytics support. This means you can easily test and measure the performance of your buttons.

Buttonizer pros

  • Unlimited buttons with the free version
  • 19 different social media options
  • All buttons are highly customizable
  • 000.000+ colors to choose from
  • 7 different menu styles
  • Customizable labels font size and colors
  • 2 button animations
  • Customize visibility per device (mobile, tablet, desktop)
  • No coding necessary
  • Change the button position to wherever you want
  • 1500+ icons to choose from the icon library
  • Dedicated support, community and a knowledge base
  • Full Google Analytics support

Buttonizer cons

  • No time schedules with the free version
  • You can’t change the font with the free version
  • No exit intent trigger with the free version

Conclusion: Chaty vs Buttonizer, which plugin is best for you?

Chaty and Buttonizer are both very user friendly and easy to set up. However, there is a big difference between these two plugins. Chaty only provides the option to add a chat button while Buttonizer offers the same and more. More options, features, and customization. By installing Buttonizer, you have a single plugin that provides everything you need. Adding too many or unnecessary plugins to your WordPress website will only slow your website down and increase the chances of errors.


Buttonizer also provides dedicated support, community, and a knowledge base. Having trouble getting started? Missing a feature? Want to show off your creation? The developers and community are always ready to help you out!

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