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Buttonizer 2.1 UX/UI update Live!

Live is Life!

We are proud to announce that the sublime new version of Buttonizer is now live and available for download from the WordPress directory. After 2 years of intensive programming we’ve come up with a lot of great new functions, and you (our trusted user) posted a lot of great feature requests. Unfortunately we noticed that the newly added functions did some damage to the usability of the UI of Buttonizer.

We wanted to make it as simple as possible for new users to set up a button without having to make a ton of clicks. We also have a lot of advanced and experienced Buttonizerers so the advanced functions shouldn’t be too far away.

That’s enough reason for us to shuffle the cards for the UI. Buttonizers origin lies in material design, so what would be a better way to honor it than by making use of this fantastic design system!

So what’s new

  • The new UI
  • Buttonizer tips!
  • Restructured Front-End (now runs on React.js)
  • Now easy translatable using
  • Rewritten Dashboard
  • Now using WordPress API
  • Re-organized the settings
  • Crash reports (become a super contributor!)

UX/UI Updates







Crash reports

We have implemented a new way to report crash reports to us. So if you experience an issue you can send the full bug report easily.

Read more >


We have a variety of users all around the world. Now it is possible to translate our plugin via

We'd love to get your opinion about our new version.

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