Become. A. Beta. Tester.

(A Buttonizer Nanny)

Buttonizer has grown a lot thanks to the big support and feedback of our users. The backbone of our plug-in is a strong testing community. We want to give you the newest and the best features. A good and well-tested plug-in is crucial. The problem is that we can’t grow an extra pair of hands (bummer) and sometimes we go in an insane tunnel vision mode.

This is why we are looking for Buttonizer Nanny’s (Beta Testers). So are you ready to handle an application that’s really stubborn and can have some flaws? Do you want to nurture Buttonizer and give it the proper education so it can evolve in a good new version?

Then we are looking for you ^^!

A Buzz Nanny? Sounds cool!Or not, then just scroll down to read more

Sneak Pre-Video of our next big version 2.0


Your Nanny



Step 1

You will get the X.9 version for each new, big feature update. We have a roll-out of features around 3 to 4 times each year and one big update each year. We expect to get two feedback forms from you each year as long you want to be part of the Beta program.



Step 2

After recieving the new X.9 version, we will send you an email with a link to the new version and the feedback form with test instructions.



Step 3

Wh00p! You filled in the feedback form and we are greatfull - for always. You will receive your free premium versions of Buttonizer.


Step 4 

Become engaged in our beta-testers community and we will give cool rewards (coming soon).



Step 5 

This is all new to us (a Beta Testers program) so any constructive feedback is welcome 😀



Become A Buttonizer Nanny


Fun and great interactions as main goals

The important goal is to all have fun around co-creating Buttonizer. In the nearby future we will create a group where all the Beta testers can interact with each other :D.

You will get 2 free premium Buttonizer plans after filling in your first beta tester feedback form.

  • Button Name
  • Button Label
  • Show Label
  • Button Action
  • Button Icon/Image
  • Button Page category
  • Button Colors
  • Show on Opening hours
  • Button Size
  • Add Custom Class



You are a few pixels away to become our new Nanny (Beta Tester)

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Keeps Getting Better and Better!

At first I just needed a floating action button(troubles with measuring mobile conversions), After stumbling with css motions and uploading with Javascript and PHP(blahblah) I noticed the Buttonizer. I liked the idea, but it was when I clicked the install button I got really excited!

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